A vintage wedding car is a “Must Have” item for any wedding.

A vintage wedding car is a “Must Have” item for any wedding.

Having a vintage wedding car for your wedding is as important as a wedding cake, photographer, or videographer. A vintage car is used for the grand arrival before the ceremony, the grand send off after the ceremony, and the grand exit after the reception. A vintage car should be used just as a horse and carriage is used. Have you ever seen a wedding scene in a movie without a grand send off after the ceremony?

A vintage or classic car helps to create beautiful memories of your wedding. Remember, a wedding ceremony is a traditional, symbolic story being told. A grand arrival with the parents is the beginning of the story and the grand send-off with the bride & groom is the end of the story.

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Ceremony Magazine Blog on Classic Limos

Ceremony Magazine Blog on Classic Limos

Vendor Ingenuity | The Perfect Classic Wedding Car

April 24th, 2014 | Andie | Posted in Vendor Ingenuity | 0 Comments

By Sherry Walters, Classic Limos

Vintage-styled weddings continue to prevail, and what better way to fashion your ride and provide a beautiful photo-op backdrop than by including a vintage limo! To ensure you find your perfect wedding car, professional chauffeur, and elegant service details at an affordable price, follow these tips from vintage limo expert, Sherry Walters of Classic Limos.

Trust Select a limo company that is trustworthy, licensed and insured. A majority of the vintage limo companies in Southern California are operating without a PUC limousine license and valid limousine insurance. Booking a limousine that does not have limousine insurance will leave you jointly liable if there was an accident, so be sure to request a copy of their limousine insurance and license.

Quality Inspect the wedding car in person before booking it. Many cars don’t look nearly as nice in person as they do on web sites. A vintage wedding car should always be mechanically safe and sound. It should have air conditioning that actually works.

Punctuality Being late is the number one complaint against limo companies. Choose a company with an on time guarantee that will email you in advance, the name and cell number of the driver and when he is leaving for your event.

Reputation Choose a company with a stellar reputation and with at least an “A” rating with the Better Business Bureau. Select a company that has excellent testimonials about its vehicles and service, and references to match.

Pricing Request an “all inclusive” price quote. Hidden fees may include sales tax, refueling charges, license fees, or PUC fees. Be aware of how the company charges for overtime. Avoid those that have overtime surcharge rates or round everything to the nearest hour, and select a company that has a price match policy.

Memories Selecting the perfect classic wedding car will be a big hit of your wedding and will provide fabulous photographs and video that you will cherish forever.


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