1960 RR Phantom V (by Park Ward) Pictures

1960 RR Phantom V (by Park Ward)
Number of Passengers: 7

The name is legend. The reputation is unique. Who can argue with the fact that Rolls-Royce is the most admired company in automotive history? What other name is so famous, that the simple phrase “it’s the Rolls-Royce of” is universally used to describe “the best of the best”? It is also a fact that the graceful lines of the Phantom, represents the very best of Rolls Royce, exclusively built for Royalty, Heads-of-State, and the very rich. It’s no wonder that Her Majesty actually had two Phantom V’s by Park Ward, known as her First and Second State Limousines.

This 1960 Rolls Royce Phantom V Limousine (by Park Ward), is our newest example of offering Southern Californians the largest collection of rare and elegant motorcars for special occasions. Of the 516 Phantom V’s made in a ten year stretch (1959-1968), only 321 of these hand-crafted gems were produced by master coachbuilders Park Ward, H.J. Mulliner, and later, Mulliner-Park Ward. When you consider that a mere 152 Phantom V’s were exported to America, one can more easily understand why Classic Limos has the only two for hire in California.

Along with her new white paint, new beige leather upholstery and carpet, this Phantom V sports a super spacious interior with forward-facing jump seats. The beauty and elegance of her magnificent refinished burled walnut woodwork and exquisite built-in cocktail cabinet are breathtaking. The added luxuries of a newly upgraded flat screen, along with separate front and rear air conditioning, provide the final exclamation point, to an already perfect vintage limousine. Let us share with you the excitement of a bygone era of refined elegance, which only the undisputed master builder, Rolls-Royce, can offer. Let us chauffeur you in “the best of the best” from “the best”. Now might be the perfect time to reserve the world’s most luxurious limousine, the Phantom V, from the ultimate vintage limousine company in America.

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