1953 Bentley Pictures

1953 Bentley
Number of Passengers: 3

This newest addition to our fleet is a very special Bentley we know you’ll enjoy. It is a beautiful tudor gray and silver Bentley R-Type Sports Saloon. The interior is gray leather with midnight blue piping. Only 2,018 of these steel body and frame beauties were made between 1952 and 1955. That equates to only 505 per year! This was the second model Bentley produced after WW ll. It improved on its predecessor (the Mark Vl) by offering a bigger engine and trunk. Back then, the R-Type was known as the “big bore”, “big boot”, sports saloon. It instantly became the perfect continuation to Bentley’s already famous reputation of building the best silent sports cars that also maintained the elegance and grace of luxury machines. It was capable of speeds well over 100 mph! It’s Rolls-Royce “sister” version was known as the “big boot” Silver Dawn.This particular model has been meticulously cared for by one of the top Rolls-Royce and Bentley mechanics in Southern California. This explains why she runs and drives like the day she was built. It’s also the reason her air conditioning blows so cold. This is the only legal Bentley R-Type we know of for hire in Southern California. Book her, and you’ll not only enjoy her great body style and smooth ride, but you’ll get to enjoy one of the largest, factory installed sunroofs, you’ve ever seen.

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