1937 St Regis Pictures

1937 St. Regis
Number of Passengers: 4

1937 was the last year the Studebaker Dictator St Regis Cruiser was  made. In 1938, the name was changed to the Commander Cruiser. The beautiful lines of the St Regis Cruiser were created by master stylist Raymond Loewy. This showcase vehicle has also been featured in Limousine Digest Magazine’s “Hall of Fame”. A quick summary of Studebaker’s special place in history, reveals the following: They started building automobiles in 1902. In 1928, they bought the prestigious Pierce-Arrow Company. During the war, they produced trucks and aircraft engines. In 1954, they merged with the world famous Packard Motor Car Company, creating the Studebaker-Packard Corporation. Shortly thereafter, they became the authorized dealer network for Mercedes Benz in the United States.

This incredible car has only 4500 miles on it since undergoing a complete $60,000 “frame up” restoration. She now sports a new light grey interior, new air conditioning, and a new CD player. In addition, she has a new engine, transmission, radiator, suspension, and brakes.

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