1937 Packard (SR) Pictures

1937 Packard (SR)
Number of Passengers: 4
This Super 8, 1500 Touring Sedan, is one of only three Packard Seniors for hire on the west coast. (As mentioned before, we have the other two as well). Very few “Senior” models were manufactured. The “Juniors” were
smaller, less expensive, and accounted for roughly 90% of Packard’s production. The only class of Packard’s that were ever referred to as “The American Rolls Royce”, were Packard Seniors. Packard Juniors, were actually responsible for diluting that image.

This is one of our smoothest riding and running vehicles. The back seat area is huge. We recently invested over $20,000 in a new engine, transmission, radiator, and air conditioning.

After a short time in this car, you’ll understand the meaning of the famous Packard slogan, “Ask The Man Who Owns One”. In addition, you’ll see why Maxim Magazine choose this as their photo shoot vehicle for their famous annual calendar.

Those who prefer the “gangster look” and the prestige of riding in a Packard Senior will select this car. If you are looking for a quiet and classy ride, you won’t be disappointed.

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