1936 Century Pictures

1936 Century
Number of Passengers: 4

This American Classic by Buick was renamed the Century in 1936, for a very “powerful” reason. It was one of the only cars of its day that could hold a steady 100 mph. It’s marketing slogan was “Go Fast With Class”. It’s nickname soon became “The Banker’s Hotrod”. In May 2001, this car was featured in Limousine Digest Magazine’s “Hall of Fame”.

The “speedy” abilities of the Century came as no surprise to consumers, since Buick had already impressed the world by creating the overhead valve engine in it’s first year as a company.

This design was so reliable and powerful, it led to Buick becoming the number one car company just five years later in 1908, surpassing Ford and Cadillac in the process. Now you know which company became the financial pillar upon which General Motors was based.

This beauty has gorgeous new white leather seats, new air conditioning, and a sunroof. It also has a new engine, transmission, radiator, brakes, and shocks. If you want to be chauffeured in style, in “The Banker’s Hotrod”, give us a call.

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