1927 Packard Pictures

1927 Packard
Number of Passengers: 4

This “Roaring 20′s” Packard Senior is the oldest operating limo in the country with fully restored, original running gear. In addition, this 426 Touring Sedan is one of only three Packard Seniors for hire on the  west coast. (We have the other two as well). This rare beauty was  recently featured in The Learning Channel’s top rated wedding show, “For Better or For Worse”. Shortly after that, it was used by SeaWorld for one of their special corporate events. Not long after that, Microsoft utilized this classic, along with two of our other vehicles.

Its elegance is undeniable. In fact, Charles Lindbergh chose a 1927 Packard Senior for his famous New York, Fifth Avenue, ticker tape parade.

For obvious reasons, this is our signature car. We’ve invested over $75,000 and countless hours into making this American Classic available to the public. We’ve even installed a new air conditioning system. In addition, it’s our only vehicle with the old style (and still working) ooogah horn. If you want to create the ultimate lasting impression, with the “Great Gatsby” look, this is your ride.

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